About Us


Fashion / textile / clothing.



Business services.


Area of activity:

Madagascar, Mauritius, Morocco.

Activity area

  • Work clothes, clothing images and PPE.
  • Child and infant clothing.
  • Men's and women's clothing.

Our skills

  • In-depth knowledge of the obstacles / constraints faced by the actors (patternmaker, process agent, quality control officer, machinist, chain manager,...) involved in every industrial process in the textile sector (spinning, weaving, knitting , Manufacturing, ... etc).
  • Good knowledge of the organization: organization chart, trades.
  • Excellent knowledge of the technical processes involved in the creation and production of a product.
  • Control of standards and regulatory framework for products developed by the company.
  • Mastery of several foreign languages to deal with suppliers, service providers and teams abroad.


  • Managerial qualities to supervise the production / prototyping teams and obtain their adherence to the clients objectives.
  • Rigor and precision in the definition of the specifications of the products of the company as well as in the process of quality control and organization of production.
  • Great versatility as our design office moves quickly from one activity to another.
  • Ability to be mobile especially in the case of multi-site industrial organization (many trips).
  • Fabric / knitting / accessories supplier panel on Mauritius and Madagascar.
  • Matrix of activity / performance of partner industrial units in Madagascar.
  • Mastering international standards and performing laboratory metrology tests at SGS and intertek.
  • The plurality of partner industrial sites allows for more flexibility in model launches compared to receipt of raw materials and supplies.