The setting up of a production outsourcing in Madagascar, As for luxury items and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), requires a specific organization and a particular risk management. The constraints of planning of the supplies and the control of the costs are at the heart of the activity of our office of studies.


We are in charge of the coordination of all operations from manufacturing to logistics reception of finished products. In this, we must anticipate needs, be sufficiently responsive to adapt our supplies in line with the expectations of the commercial services of our customers.


It should be noted that the impact on a company's cash is extremely sensitive. Firstly, because the anticipated commitment of the production with the suppliers requires large advances of funds but also because, since the billing is traditionally for the shipment, it depends directly on the respect of the schedules of reception of suppliers.


The impact of supply performance directly impacts the cost price of finished products and hence induces the margin.


As a result, our engineering department has positioned itself amongst the suppliers' management constraints, which reflect their own industrial constraints and commercial requirements in terms of time, quality and cost.

Our challenge

The specific difficulty related to seasonality in the textile industry is based on the gap between the design, the launching of productions and the sale. This discrepancy involves committing production even before the sales volumes and definitive characteristics of the products are precisely defined and known.


The relationship with suppliers is in fact complicated by the combined management of requests for changes in the quantities to be produced in model / sizes / colors or the technical specifications of the finished products. The quantities and the technical files can evolve according to the expectations of the customers.


This directly affects production schedules, which have to adapt to the requirements of "Customer" shipments. "


If the Marketing Department works on the attractiveness of the collection, and if the Sales Department is responsible for the turnover by the volume of orders taken. On our side, the design department manages the performance of outsourced production (by controlling cost prices), but also the initiation of invoicing to the "Client" shipment (through control of the reception planning).


We take charge of feasibility studies, define and implement manufacturing methods for companies that produce. Our expertise is generally "technical", especially in the textile sectors using complex manufacturing processes.


Whether it is improving a site's productivity, redesigning an information system or reducing costs, we observe, analyze and advocate solutions, while at the same time ensuring deployment and use The teams of our client.


Our mission also integrates training and consulting in industrial organization through the use of computer software.


Supporting the production activity, our engineering department combines economic performance, maintaining the activity of the client company and adapting to technological changes.