Technical Assistance

Order studies on a technical level

Studying technical feasibility when designing a product or a range of products related to the customer.

  • Ensure the development of the technical know-how offered to our customers: modern processes or means of production, added value and competitiveness compared to the competition ...
  • Study the improvements and adaptations of one or more production sites (installation of a production line, new works, etc.) in order to optimize production in terms of cost, quality and lead times.
  • Establish production targets for the quantity of parts produced per day, quality and timeliness for production sites.

Establishment of the means necessary for production

Manage and coordinate technical production, maintenance, maintenance, logistics and production management activities at production sites in conjunction with the manager or production manager.

  • Establish precisely the expectations regarding purchases of raw materials and / or parts / subsets according to cost and quality criteria.
  • Select the main suppliers of the company and validate in particular the technical adequacy of their products in relation to the production objectives.
  • To carry out the necessary investments to improve the means of production: optimization of industrial installations, improvement of processes, new production lines, recruitment, training of operators ...
  • Take charge of the evaluation and selection of the main subcontractors and service providers of the company.

Supervision and organization of production teams and technical team

Perform daily points with production managers and engineers, planning and industrial maintenance teams to identify malfunctions and validate the achievement of objectives.

  • Ensure coordination of actions between production management teams and technical services.
  • Solve human and / or material problems: absenteeism, machine breakdowns, regulation of supplies, planning arrangements ...
  • Ensure the implementation and enforcement of quality and safety regulations in the company.
  • Evaluate the needs of the company on a daily basis in order to adjust production capacities.